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    Discord is an important form of communication for SWG Legends. It is the best way to get real time help from CSRs or the community.
    Link here to join → It also helps to download the discord app

    When you first join SWG Legends Discord, you will need to send a direct message to someone with a CSR tag with your forum name and your account email. This will allow you access to more.

    There are a lot of different text and voice channels you can use to interact with players for different aspects of the game. A lot of channels have information and helpful links pinned

    If you find you are getting too many notifications you can click the little arrow next to where it says the SWG Legends and then notifications to get this window to change the settings.

    You can also right click on and change notifications for each channel.

    If you click the arrow next to Text Channels so that it is pointing right you will only see channels with unread messages. If it is pointing down, you will see all the channels you have access to.

    Make sure you check out the rules and guidelines for posting in discord
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