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    The Bestine Political Election is a quest where you can vote who you would like to be the next governor's aide. It is held in the Capital building of Bestine on Tatooine. The two politicians campaigning for the position are the Officer of Defense, Victor Visalis (/way -1132 -3585) and the Director of Commerce, Sean Trenwell (/way -1199 -3584). You must search for evidence for why the candidate you choose should be in office and bring it to the governor, Tour Aryon, to cast your vote.

    To vote, talk to a candidate and tell them you want to ‘Join Your Campaign’ and receive a campaign disk. Then, talk to their secretary to get clues on who may have evidence. Once you have the evidence return to the Capitol building and converse with Governor Tour Aryon [-1137, -3563]. Please note, you must converse with her, you cannot drag the evidence on her or she will refuse it. By default Tour will see Victor’s evidence first, so if you want to vote for Sean delete Victor’s evidence. Select ‘I have evidence’ and accept to vote for your candidate. Hold onto the campaign disc and check back every once and a while to see when the election cycle is over. Do not talk to the opponent of the the person you have voted for after voting, as that has reportedly bugged your vote.

    Evidence from npcs are always requested in ‘written form’ and evidence from terminals are ‘data discs’.You only need one piece of evidence to vote. There are multiple locations for convenience purpose only.

    Victor Visalis - Evidence Locations:
    /way -1176 -3495 Ocket Abaot (ancient Professor of Sean Trenwell);
    /way -1136 -3584 Business Terminal in Victor’s office;
    /way -1357 -3871 Foofice Lightingrunner (Slums);
    /way -1294 -3500 Izosxisli (By Hospital);

    Sean Trenwell - Evidence locations:
    /way -1079 -3632 The Curator (Bestine Museum);
    /way -1104 -3705 Orqiti (Market Place);
    /way -1078 -3630 Edaekomeu Ossilei (Residence across from Museum);

    Once the election cycle is over talk to your candidate and if your candidate won you can ask him to reward you for supporting him in the elections. The reward is random between three items for each candidate:

    Victor: Loyalist Necklace (Common),Imperial Banner (Rare), and a Rare Painting (Unimaginably rare)

    Sean: Decorative Statue (Common, a renamed item originally a Strange Statue.), Ornate Rug (Rare), or a Decorative Sword (Unimaginably rare)

    Each candidate has a side quest. Doing the quest for either Victor or Sean is not required to vote for them. The side quests have rewards of their own, not to be confused with the voting rewards though.
    Side quests below

    Victor - The Officer of Defense
    Effect: More Stormtroopers in Bestine.
    Quest - "Kill the Tusken Executioner" Difficult to complete because only one spawns at server reset then it does not spawn again.
    Quest Reward: A Lithitanium Rifle

    Sean - Director of Commerce
    Effect: Bazaar Behind Bank spawns (a Merchant) npc's. Little Imperial Presence.
    Quest - "Bestines History" Sean wants you to go to some wreckage near the Bestine memorial and find a Disk. Talk to the NPC near the wreckage then get the disk from the terminal. Talk to the NPC again and return and converse with Sean. The disk contains some bad info about Sean’s family's past and he needs it destroyed.

    Good reward: Take the disk to the waypoint provided and converse with the NPC. Return to Sean to receive your reward.
    Quest Reward: A Planet and Star Painting
    Bad reward: Take the disk to the NPC outside the capitol building to the left if you are facing the capitol. Talk with him and give the disk to Jabba's man. Sean at this point will no longer speak with you.
    Quest Reward: C12 (loot quality) Grenade
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    Great read, thanks for this friday feature!
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    Thank you for making this a friday feature!!
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