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    We asked some of the role play community for help making a basic guide for roleplay. Two of them wrote out a whole guide each! Here they are :)

    Role-playing in SWG: Legends by Lolo

    Role-play is an interactive game in which players cooperatively tell a story through their characters’ actions. It is an activity that many gamers take on during their time spent on games such as Star Wars Galaxies, a Role-playing Game (RPG) with several built in assets for players to take advantage of. Among those assets are the emote system, house and ship decoration system, storyteller props, RP tags, and the incredible array of appearance items (weapons, armor, clothing) available in game. Let’s take a look at the emote system, the strongest core of SWG’s long lived RP community.

    An emote is an action that indicates your character’s state. This is important to roleplay because it lets the other player know what your character is doing and gives them something to respond to. To view emotes that are built into the game, many with custom animations, simply bring up your Commands screen and take a look at the tab named Social.

    To use these emote commands, simply type into the chatbox starting with a backslash the name of the command. For example, to make use of ‘wave’ all you need to do is type ‘/wave’. To wave to a specific character, simply have that character targeted when you enter /wave into the chat box.

    While the preexisting emotes get a lot of use in RP, custom emotes are a great way to take your storytelling to the next level. To create a custom emote, type ‘/emote’ followed by your character’s action. Keep in mind a custom emote will always start with your character’s name once committed into the chat box, and will appear above your character’s head comic-book style.

    Now that you know the basics of emoting, how do you go about role-playing on SWG: Legends?

    Since role-play is all about interactive storytelling, you will want to find some fellow role-players to participate with. Turning on your RP tag is one way to signal to other players that you would like to RP. Type /roleplay to turn your roleplay tag on, which gives you the mark (ROLEPLAY) above your character’s head. To other role-players, this means that you are in character, or IC, and ready to respond to their emotes.

    Alternatively, you can turn your Out of Character, or OOC, tag on to indicate that while you are a role-player, you are not currently In Character. This is important when you are doing things in game that your character would not be seen doing. For example, if you are role-playing as a simple moisture farmer on Tatooine, but you are currently running heroics and taking on the likes of Exar Kun and you have no intention on emoting, your OOC tag can be important.

    Try approaching another player with the (ROLEPLAY) tag on and introducing yourself in character. You can use /wave to get started, or even come up with your custom emote to show some extra creativity!

    What are some other ways you can express your creativity through role-play?

    Storyteller props! Set up your own scenes for you and your friends to play in.

    Home decoration. Is your character an Imperial officer or a mad scientist? Decorate your home, guildhall, and other city structures to reflect your role-play.

    Storytelling. Have you ever thought up an epic Star Wars story in your head but never had the outlet to play it out? Role-play is the perfect outlet to find friends who have the same interest as you and to carry out your most intriguing Star Wars stories.

    Moods: While exploring in the commands screen, you probably also noticed the “Mood” tab. Moods are states your character can be set to that usually come with their own animations, and will change the way your text is entered in the chat. SWG has a very verbose chat system, which lends itself well to role-play. Go ahead and experiment with the mood system by selecting a character mood and then typing something into the chat. You might get something like this:

    Notice your character will naturally animate crossing their arms and hunching over when /mood angry is chosen, and in the chat you will end up with a new adjective to describe your character’s way of speaking:

    Extra Tips for RPers:

    When you are approaching someone in roleplay, you are assuming the role of your character. This means you should stay in character and only act as your character would, just like an actor in a live play. Try to leave out real world knowledge of things, and think thoroughly about what your character knows instead.

    Dress and equip your character to fit the role you chose. If you are a starship pilot, try wearing your piloting gear and converse about your time in the stars. There are all sorts of appearance items available in Star Wars Galaxies for you to choose from to complete your look, get creative!

    Think about the environment you are in. If you are in Mos Eisley cantina, the iconic wretched hive of scum and villainy, what would your character do? Maybe you are an old clone from wars past just trying to keep his head down from the recent arrival of Imperial forces, or maybe you are a Dewback riding Imperial looking for those pesky droids. It’s up to you, just choose a path and go for it.

    And most importantly, think of role-play like a live action collaborative writing effort. There is excitement in not knowing where the story is going, and fun in building the story together with your fellow role-players. Star Wars is a vast universe, and SWG:Legends give us the ability to express our creativity in that universe through role-play!


    Tomo’s Thoughts on Roleplay

    Creating your Personage
    Roleplay could be defined similarly to acting; taking on attributes to fulfill a role. Roleplay is a lot like acting, screenplay writing, directing and producing all rolled up into one. SWG specific roleplay would be taking a character you create for the game, and making that character come alive in the Star Wars universe by playing in game like you are the actual character in the Star Wars Universe.
    Backstories are a good foundation to have for your character. For example: My character John Smith is from Corellia and he is an engineer by trade and builds and sells speeders. I think people should go outside the box to construct a character that isn’t in the mainstream interest, “I am a Jedi and my family were murdered before my eyes.” When considering what your character is about it is also in good form to research Star Wars canon so a character can be close to canon as possible although there is always wiggle room when creating who your toon will be. A big no-no is trying to roleplay as a main character from Star Wars; Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo, etc.
    Some other thoughts for creating a story for your character would be clothing and housing and even weapon use. For example: Speeder maker John Smith moved to Naboo and lives outside Keren where he runs his successful speeder shop. You could also dress in clothing as you would think a Star Wars mechanic would. Remember, uniqueness and originality.

    Where You Belong, and Don’t Get Cocky
    Actual roleplaying even among veterans can always be tricky. By nature, people have that burning desire for their character to be the main event (People long to be Han Solo or Luke Skywalker) everywhere they go but for genuine roleplay one needs to realize there are other people they will be interacting with and like real life, often people do what is not only good for themselves but what is good for their particular social groups (friends, family, etc.), as well as an individual.
    Another good tip for roleplay is not allowing your personal choice of force sensitivity, military rank or family status to impede on someone else’s roleplay. For example, if you choose to be “Grand Moff Peterson” don’t expect everyone (Imperials specifically) else to consider you as such. Also, if you call yourself the “King of Dantooine” or some other elevated title don’t expect everyone on Dantooine to treat you like you are their monarch.

    Force Role Play
    Force RP is another big issue with roleplay in SWG because it can automatically involve giving a character god mode ability over others just because they say, “I use the Force”. Also, in this era of the Galactic Civil War there were few who were known to use the Force on a large scale. A good rule of thumb is to use the game mechanics between classes and consider that in dealing with force sensitive players against others. Many classes can kill a Jedi, while Jedi can kill some classes easier than others. This is a fair way of dealing with those who want to be a Force using character but not having that decision automatically giving them dominion over others.
    A very important issue to note is roleplay can be a very social activity in the way that many people may choose to RP with those who are more into their scene (Rebel, Imperial, underworld, Mandalorian, etc.) Also, people may choose to not include others if they have committed some form of harassment or trolling against the community. Calling oneself a role player often involves proving it. It is hard to call yourself a RPer in the parameters of the Star Wars universe then not behave with respect towards others and attempt to railroad Star Wars canon or engage in silliness that will encourage others not to include you in roleplay.

    Some abbreviations that are handy to use are:
    IC: In character. Although there is not a game command for this, it is a reference that you are speaking about something in the roleplay aspect of the game. For instance, dealing with your character’s situation as pertains to your roleplay experience.
    Roleplay: used in game as /roleplay which identifies you as a roleplayer and without the use of the /ooc command means you are actively roleplaying.
    OOC: Out of character. Can be used by the in-game command of /OOC. General used after you already have the /roleplay subtitle in use over your name. It means although you are a roleplayer you are not in character and not actively roleplaying. Used while someone is doing OOC events such as heroic instances or PvP although roleplaying during those events is a choice.

    In summation: No roleplaying as main characters, being unique is always better than being cookie cutter, know who you are and where you want to focus your character in, and do not expect your choice of rank, status, or Force sensitivity to impede other player’s role play experience unless they agree to it. And most of all, respect other people and their purpose for role playing in the Star Wars universe. If you are choosing to role play to interrupt or impede on another person’s enjoyment, you most likely will be ignored.

    Few additional tips and tricks from Cyhyraeth:

    Just as PvP, PvE and anything else, people have different ideas of how to have fun in a roleplay environment, and this is where we need to exercise acceptance and mutual respect. Some people may have fun delving into as much lore accuracy as possible, while others have fun in a more relaxed setting and bend the rules. Remember that if you and your partner’s styles don’t mesh, you don’t have to continue the interaction. However you don’t need to be nasty about it. Simply thank them for their time, and walk away.

    As mentioned before by Tomo, you have to know where you belong. However it’s also important to do a bit of research. It sounds daunting, but research helps you really get into a spirit and helps inspire you. Oftentimes, research helps you find interesting facts that can contribute to your character’s struggles. While doing so, don’t forget to check the sources, however, and don’t believe the first thing you read on Wookiepedia!

    If you are struggling to find concept you like, tip that helped me is this: borrow, and then put your spin on it. See a character from a TV show that is eerily similar to what you want to do? Borrow it. That other story sounds like something your character might have gone through in the past? Edit it to the setting. Don’t blatantly steal however - try and look at it as your inspiration, try and question how it would affect your character.

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