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    Greeting Legends,

    So how many of you have ever required in-game/account support? Has your character ever become stuck at the bottom of the Ryatt Trail on Kashyyyk? Perhaps you deleted your favorite in-game item that you simply can’t live without. All of these issues are acknowledged and resolved by our dedicated SWG Legends CSR team. In todays Friday Feature we'll be learning more about this staff role.

    What is a Community Support Representative (CSR): a CSR is a hardworking, dedicated and passionate yet analytically minded individual that strives to bring the community the very best customer support within our volunteer project. Our robust support team work around the clock investigating and resolving issues you may be facing. Some of these Issues may include in-game issues, account problems or perhaps client Installation assistance & SWG Legends launcher support.

    How do I request support from a CSR?
    There are a few different ways to contact a CSR for support:

    DM (direct message) a CSR in Discord. Our Discord server can be reached by following this link (it is suggested that you download Discord App from the Discord website: This is the best method for things that need immediate attention such as being stuck somewhere, an NPC being stuck making you unable to complete your quest, or a disruption in game that is hindering your gameplay.

    You can also @ a CSR or CSR Staff in any discord channel. This is good for question pertaining to the game such as quest questions, gameplay support, and other things of that nature. This works well for those type of inquires as often if a CSR is not instantly available the community will step up and help you with your question

    Submitting a ticket on the forums is best for any support that may require investigation. This includes deleted items, character, or lost items. Also bugged quests, player disputes, complicated connection issues, etc. This allows us to take time to looks into the issue and have others look at the issue if necessary, and be able to track what is going on with it.

    You may also DM a CSR directly on the forums. This is used when a player does not use discord and would like to talk with a CSR to figure out how to deal with a situation or if submitting a ticket is the correct action.

    Becoming a CSR:

    As the community grows so does our need for CSRs to address questions for new and returning players and to solve any problems incurred. If you are interested in becoming a CSR the process is pretty simple. Simply go to the forums and click "Staff Application" on the top of the page. Here you will tell us about yourself, what experience and skills you have that pertain to being a CSR, game experience, and let us know why you would like to become a CSR. After you fill out the application it will be reviewed and if what we see in the application fits our current needs for the position we will schedule an interview so we can get to know you a bit better and ask any questions that may not have been answered in your application. Once the interview is complete and if you do meet the needs of the team at the time you will be offered an internship. This lasts several weeks and includes training on all aspects of the CSR role. Things we consider when looking at application are time zones so that we have active CSR online as often as possible, hours available as we need people who have time to not only do CSR work but still enjoy the game, and game experience as so much of the role has to do with helping players troubleshoot problems with quests, bugs, and other game content.

    Skills and Qualities of a CSR:

    There is certain skills and personal qualities that we look for in a CSR candidate especially because we are often the first and sometimes only interaction a player will have with staff. These are some of the skills or qualities that we look for:

    Customer service experience: Having experience in any form of customer service in real life is helpful. It means you are already familiar with some of the basic principles of customer service.

    Problem solving: While common issues or bugs are noted and we have a set way of dealing with them, sometimes new problems come up and we have to figure out how to deal with them on the spot. Being able to problem solve is some important as a CSR.

    Conflict resolution: As CSRs moderation both ingame, in the forums, and in discord falls to us most of the time. We always prefer to calm a situation rather than step in with punishment. Being able to deescalate a situation is very important in the role of CSR.

    Level head: Sometimes players get upset over a situation, be it a frustration over something not working or an argument with another player. As we are often the ones contacted in these situation that frustration or anger can be taken out on us. It is important to not get upset in the situation or get upset ourselves. It is important for a CSR to be polite and helpful in every situation.

    CSR Responsibilities and Duties

    The role of the CSR covers a lot. Here are a few of the things that we address daily.

    Player questions: A lot of players have not played the game for many many years or maybe never at all, so a lot has been forgotten or is unknown. We help with everything from quest questions to ingame commands

    Bugs: Sometimes things ingame do not work as intended, we help troubleshoot these issues and try and come up with a quick solution for the player.

    Lost/Deleted item: Sometimes things are misplaced or mistakenly deleted, we help players get these items back by going through the logs and finding/restoring them.

    Connection issues: There are times that something on your computer or how the game is installed on your computer doesn’t agree with the game. We help troubleshoot this to get you connected and ingame as soon as possible!

    Accounts: Be it account approvals, ban inquiries, or multi-account requests and questions, we will help you figure it out and try to get you ingame.

    Discord: We will help you get setup in Discord if you are having issues and are also the ones who generally will get you the player role assigned by verifying your information.

    Moderation/Rule enforcement: The CSR Team also moderates Discord and the Forums as necessary and enforces the rules on the server. We handle most reports about exploiting and game disruption.

    Logs: The logs track everything that happens ingame, part of the job of a CSR is to look in the logs and track everything from deleted items and failed crafts, to unauthorized multi-accounts and credit sellers.

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!
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    Personally as a Ex-CSR & GM for both Bloodfin & Basilisk it is a some what thankless & thanking job, and I hate to say it alot of the issues people have can be figured out if they just looked which alot do not wanna bother doing and want to ask for help when the answer is usually in the forums 90% of the time.
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