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    Hello Legends!

    In this weeks Friday Feature I figured it would be super cute to cover some unique animations you can get your pets to do by using emotes! Have you ever seen unique looking creatures in different postures and animating in various ways? Well now you can find out how to make your pet do this.

    Firstly, using the following emotes. “/Hug, /reassure, /nuzzle” Will cause the pet under your control to change posture. You may have to do this a few times for your pet to respond. Using the Hug, Ressure and nuzzle emotes will cause the pet to firstly sit down and eventually lay down.

    (Below: A Fanged Tiglon after being petted by its owner once)

    (Below: A Fanged Tiglon after being petted by It’s Beast Master owner continuously takes a more relaxed position on the ground)

    If you are displeased with your pet you can use the the following emotes “/Bonk, /Whap, /Scold /Bad, /Slap” to show your dissatisfaction. BPP does not tolerate beast cruelty!

    (Below a Fanged Tiglon after being scolded by It’s Beast Master owner!)

    Using the following emotes “/Pointat, /Tap” Will cause your pet your pet to react in a variety of ways they may roar at you or bite you!

    (Below a Fanged Tiglon showing a deafening roar at his Beast Master owner after being pointed at.)

    Using the following emotes “/Beckon, /Summon” Will make your beast have a 50% chance of following you. Even though you may have commanded it to stay. Useful right?!

    (Below a Fanged Tiglon shaking it's head affirmatively after being summoned by It's Beast Master owner)

    Every BM will have the Beast Master control toolbar that looks like this. (See below)

    If you press the third icon from the left which is the “Stay” command this will also make your beast animate. A useful thing I do is actually sometimes macro this which in my case causes my Fanged Tiglon to continuously roar at players passing it.

    Stay Animate Macro:

    /ui action petToolbarSlot2;
    /pause 10;
    /macro petstayanimate;

    Using Trick1 & Trick2 from your command browser will make your pet to animate and may even impress other players around you, different pets have different animations so be sure to pick a beast type that makes you stand out from the crowd

    (Below: A Fanged Tiglon performing Trick2)

    (Below: A Fanged Tiglon performing Trick1)

    (Below: a Kimogila taking a well deserved nap at an Ewok Lake Village after a hunting expedition.(/pet)

    (Below a level 90 Fambaa showing its owner a new trick its capable of showcasing. (/Trick1)

    Do you have any screenshots of your favorite pet animating or performing tricks? Feel free to post them below!

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!
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    Waffles showing how much taller he is than his master Goofy.

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    Bloodreaver showing his master that he can swim and appearantly fly. Who would have guessed that from a Tanray?
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    screenShot0006.jpg My rancor Baloo doing tricks <3
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