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    The Bestine museum holds a best artist painting election (not to be confused with the Bestine Political Election) about 28 days, depending on server resets, from the previous one. There is a two week period in which a player can vote on the artist they would like to win. The artist with the most votes gets selected. Then, there is a two week period where players may obtain a schematic for the winning painting. During the voting period you may obtain a schematic of previous winning artist’s painting. Voting is optional and not required to get a schematic.

    If you wish to vote, you must talk to the museum curator, Lilas Dinhint, at /way -1086 -3686. He will send you to talk to each artist so that you can choose who to vote for. If you already know who you wish to vote for, you must still talk to that particular artist before their name comes up as a voting option.

    There are 6 artists to choose from. Each artist has a different style of painting with more than one painting to each artist. There are a total of 15 paintings of which one is randomly chosen from the that artist wins the election. The winning painting is displayed on the wall to the left as you are heading into the Curator’s office.

    The winning painting can be obtained from the Curator with a modest ‘donation’ of 48,000 credits. You can make multiple donations. With your ‘donation’ you will get a 2 time use schematic of the winning painting craftable by a structures trader. The schematic uses can be used to make a manufacturing schematic of 1000 paintings with each use. Like with all manufacturing schematics, you want to make sure you have all the resources necessary to craft that many items. The schematics require hide and other common resources but they vary based on the winning painting.

    Here are the featured artists and their paintings:

    Painter : Boulo Siesi at Wayfar (/waypoint -5239 -6566)

    Abstract Painting of Golden Petals 1
    Abstract Painting of Golden Petals 2
    Abstract Painting of Golden Petals 3

    Painter : Vanvi Hotne at Mos Eisley (/waypoint 3312 -4655)
    Painting of a Mattberry Plant
    Painting of a Raventhorn Plant
    Painting of a Boffa Plant
    Painting of a Ronka Plant

    Painter: Klepa Laeel at Mos Espa (/waypoint -2768 2110)
    Painting of Blumbush
    Painting of a Rainbow Berry Bush

    Painter: Kahfr Oladi at Mos Eisley (/waypoint 3475 -4970)
    Painting of A Mon Calamari eye 1
    Painting of A Mon Calamari eye 2

    Painter: Kolka Zteht at Mos Entha (/waypoint 1521 3259)
    Painting of a Residential house
    Painting of the Blue Leaf Temple

    Painter: Giaal Itotr at Mos Espa (/waypoint -3101 2184)

    Painting of a Krayt Dragon Skeleton
    Painting of a Lucky Despot Wreckage

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