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    In this week’s Friday Feature we are focusing on the Galactic Senate Program - remember nominations for the next Galactic Senate term are open NOW!


    The Galactic Senate is a body of dedicated SWG Legends Players who have been elected by the Community to act as their representatives. Senators work with the Project Staff to ensure that the needs and priorities of the Community are given a voice. They also have the opportunity to be involved with some of the development process and are regularly called upon to consult on and test new content before it is released.

    Because of the confidential nature of their work within the project, all Senators are subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    Becoming a Senator

    Any active member of the SWG Legends Community can stand for election to the Galactic Senate. Senators are elected for a 6-month term of office, during which they are expected to maintain a reasonable level of activity within the community - this includes being active on discord, contributing to important threads on the forums and attending regular senate meetings.

    Players may nominate themselves during the nomination period before each election takes place - players may nominate other players if they wish, but only with the players approval.

    Senate Elections take place in February and August each year. Voting will be done in-game at special Senate voting terminals which will be placed inside the new galactic Senate building to be located in Theed, Naboo. Players will get ONE vote PER ACCOUNT and can vote for any of the candidates on the ballot - accounts will need to be a minimum of 30 days old to cast a vote. At the end of the voting process the TWELVE candidates with the most votes will become the new members of the Galactic Senate!


    As a member of the Galactic Senate, Senators will be expected to be active participants in all aspects of the Legends Community.

    Galactic Senators will have the following responsibilities:

    • Represent the player base and their wishes for the game in terms of additions and changes
    • Be responsible for producing and maintaining various guides and bug lists on the forums
    • Discuss and debate changes and future development ideas with Staff at regular Senate meetings
    • Discuss and debate which changes would best benefit the community and post public polls to gauge community feedback
    • Review balancing issues between all gameplay elements (classes, starships, beasts, traders etc.) and assist the Quality Assurance Team with validating bugs and testing fixes if requested
    • Beta-test changes for upcoming updates and give feedback
    • Propose resolutions for an official vote at senate meetings on important quality of life and community-requested changes.

    Senators will work with the Staff Senate Liaison to create a working agenda for each term of office and will be expected to attend regular meetings as well as be active on the Forums and in Discord, at all times working with the SWG Legends community.

    With the addition of the new Galactic Senate building, Senators will also be able to work directly with players in-game by holding Q & A sessions, focus groups on possible changes/updates with specific classes and public senate meetings.


    Senators will have access to the Galactic Senate forum, where debate and discussion will help mold the future direction of SWG Legends. Senators are granted limited moderator abilities such as locking threads, sticking threads, posting announcements, etc and are flagged with the prestigious title of Galactic Senator in-game, on the forums and in Discord. Their primary player character will also gain exclusive access to the the upper levels of the Galactic Senate building, including the Senator's Private Bar....

    Nominations Now OPEN!

    The current Galactic Senate’s term of office comes to a close at the end of February - nominations are now OPEN and any interested player can nominate themselves or a friend (with their permission) here.

    Further information on the Galactic Senate Program can be found here.

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!
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