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    Hey everybody!

    So today the Friday Feature will look at something that the community asks me about during in-game events... Firework shows!

    Fireworks shows are a fun addition to any in-game celebration, bringing a special and iconic feel to weddings, roleplay, and gatherings of all kinds! To help you make a great impression at your next event or guild party, here some tips for shooting off Fireworks and setting up your own shows! Don’t worry, it can be done without too much hard work!

    There are eight Fireworks available to use for fun or at your next celebration. Anyone can purchase Fireworks in-game on the bazaar (under the category Generic>Fireworks) or visit their friendly neighborhood Trader and ask to have some crafted. Exclusive Fireworks create Rebel or Imperial Insignia’s in the sky - perfect for GCW moments of glory - and are available for purchase at the respective faction vendors during Empire/Remembrance Day.

    All types of Traders are able to craft Fireworks as soon as they log in, even for the first time. Below are the crafting requirements for making Fireworks.

    Firework or Show Package resource requirements:
    6 units of Mineral for the Canister
    4 units of Chemical for the Booster Charge
    2 units of Chemical for the Burster Charge
    2 units of Gas for the Effect-Generator

    There is 8 different types of Fireworks you are able to craft.

    Hidden Fact
    The Overall Quality of the resources determines the number of charges in each Firework. There is a debate on whether or not the resource quality affects the craft, but we checked with our people (thanks, insert name here), and it does! So, with experimentation and better resources, you can make each Firework have more uses.

    If you want to create your own custom Firework show. Simply drag the Fireworks from your inventory into your toolbar and head 100-150 meters away from the crowd (safety first, people), hit those buttons, and watch the magic happen!

    (Above a Firework Display on Naboo)

    Fireworks Show Packages

    Fireworks can certainly be used one at a time but you can also combine the eight types of fireworks by crafting Show Packages. Show Packages make it easy to set off grand displays and are available from any Trader.

    Setting up your Firework Show Package
    All you need to do is:

    • Have the Show Package and the individual fireworks in your inventory (uncrated).
    • Right click on the Show Package and - from the radial menu - mouse over “Show Data.”
    • Next, select “Add Event” to add your individual fireworks to the show package, which will create a pop-up window

    • After that, you will get a popup window.
    • In the pop-up window, you may add fireworks from your inventory to add to the show.

    This will add one charge of the firework to your show. You may also Remove Events from the show through the radial menu.

    Everyone also has even more options under Show Data to arrange and rearrange the order of the fireworks ( Modify Events ) in their Show Package.

    Be sure to play around with the different delays and effects to really make an impressive display.

    The maximum delay is 100 seconds the minimum is 0 (.10 seconds).

    Below you can see the effect of each Firework.

    Style 1:

    Style 2:

    Style 3:

    Style 4:

    Style 5:

    Style 10:

    Style 11:

    Style 18:

    I hope this small guide will inspire you to host Firework shows during special occasions in-game!

    May the force be with you.

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!
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