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Thread: *Friday Feature- Unleash The Holo-Beasts!*

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    Hello Legends,

    In this week’s Friday Feature we are taking a closer look at Holo-Beasts!

    What is a Holo-Beast? They are Holographic pets. Our beloved companions that roam in the houses of pet lovers across the galaxy. To bring a holo-pet home, all you have to do is place an emitter in your structure and insert a holo-pet data cube.You can also work with a beast master to create your very own holo-beast!

    Piecing Together the Emitter
    Several pieces are needed to complete the Display Emitter collection. Each piece forms a vital component for the finished emitter. Hunt your enemies across the galaxy to find each valuable piece of this collection.

    Use the radial menu on each piece to complete the Display Emitter collection. Once finished, two rewards are placed in your inventory: the holo-pet emitter and the tauntaun holo-pet data cube!

    To use the emitter, place it in the room where you'd like your holo-pet to roam. Open the radial menu on the holo-emitter and select Insert Data Cube. A menu pops up with a list of any data cubes you have in your inventory. Only one data cube can be inserted in an emitter at a time.

    Select the pet of your choice on the list, and that's it! Click the holo-emitter to turn your pet hologram off and on.

    You can also use the radial menu on the emitter to name your new pet! With the data cube for the pet you wish to name in your inventory, open the radial menu and select the option to name your pet. Enter the name and click OK to add the customized name.

    Creating a New Holo-Beast

    Beast masters have the ability to turn any unhatched egg into a new, distinctive holo-beast!

    A beast master with one point spent in Incubation sees a new option in the radial menu on an unhatched egg. Select Convert Egg to Holo-Pet to change the egg from a beast to a holo-beast. The holo-pet cannot be changed back into a beast, so take care when converting a beast into a holographic companion.

    Below check out LtBeefy's Horned Dewback Holo-Beast!

    Revtz braves sitting next to his Holo-Hermit Spider!

    Holo-beast data cubes can be traded, so find a beast master near you to start collecting holo-beasts!

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!
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    don't forget the Rare Orange Holo's
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