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    Every account owner must have a copy of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided in their possession to access the SWG: Legends Gameplay Servers (Live-Server "Omega" and Test-Center "Alpha").

    Note: Any version of Star Wars Galaxies with An Empire Divided is acceptable. This excludes the 14 Day Trial copy and the Jump to Lightspeed expansion, as well as any copies obtained through torrents, warez, sharing, or illegal download.

    Accessing SWG: Legends Gameplay Servers without a copy of Star Wars Galaxies An Empire Divided will make your account subject to permanent banning, without warning.

    SWG: Legends Rules & Terms of Service state that Multiple Accounts are NOT allowed. We only allow ONE account per person. If you are living in a household with other players, you will need to submit a multi account request.

    Additional Accounts for different persons in the same household (on the same IP) will have to be requested and approved through the following guidelines:
    • Submit a Request by posting a New Thread in Multiple Account Support Services
    • Make sure that you answer each and every question that the ticket asks, with as detailed information as possible.
    • For identification purposes, please provide a SINGLE picture featuring the right hands of each account holder. Each hand should hold up a piece of paper that states the account name, and the date the request was submitted written on it. We need to see that there is one individual hand per account requested. Easy methods for picture uploads are to use imgur or gyazo, just post the link in your thread.

    Feel Free to contact @RoarAsh or @Lokee or any member of the CSR team with any questions you may have.

    -SWG: Legends Staff
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