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    You can now view all of the Friday Feature links within this thread! Have fun reading!


    *A History of Legends!*
    *Becoming a Storyteller*
    *Changing Things Up!*
    *Advance Decoration*
    *Upcoming Features!*
    *Image Design*
    *Chronicle Master*
    *Fly With Friends*
    *PvP For Beginners*
    *A Fond Farewell*
    *Empire Day 2017*
    *Getting Into Trouble*
    *Helping an Old Ranger*
    *Unleash The Holo-beasts*
    *Going shopping*
    *Exploring The Role: CSR*
    *The Future of Space*
    *Legendary Points Of Interests*
    *Creating a BANG!*
    *Instant Travel*
    *The Galactic Senate*
    *The Galactic Moon Festival*
    *Setting a Trend*
    *The Senate*
    *The Secrets Of Hoth*
    *Understanding Maintainence Fees*
    *Factional Player Bases*
    *Vehicles & Repair*
    *The Mystery of Station Gamma*
    *The Future Of JTL On Legends!*
    *Duty Calls*
    *The Avatar Platform*
    *Bazaar Search*
    *Beast Animations*
    *A Brief History of SWG*
    *Han Solo*
    *Bestine Museum*
    *Exploring Roleplay*
    *The Bestine Elections*
    *Macros & Alias*
    *A Blast From The Past - (Raph Koster Interview)*
    *Custom Colour House Signs*
    *In-game Legends*
    *Understanding Graphical Settings*
    *Understanding the Homing Beacon*
    *Your Character, Your Customization!*
    *Katarn Armor*
    *Tricks Of The Trade*
    *Secrets of the Syren Walkthrough*
    *The Quarantine Zone*
    *Exploring Resources*
    *The Masked Nomads*
    *Applied Buffs*
    *Exploring The Tradition*
    *Your Box of Achievements*
    *Discussing Player Cities 2.0 Changes*
    *Tokens Of Gratification*
    *Exploring the Geonosian Cave*
    *The Sounds Of The Cantina*
    *The Chu-Gon Dar Cube*
    *Exploring The Ewok Festival Of Love*
    *Exploring Battlefields*
    *Junk Dealer Loot Kits*
    *Acquiring Your Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm*
    *Tech Specs: Carbines*
    *Looted Kits*
    *Heroic Spoils*
    *Pick Me Up!*
    *Know Your Foe: Krayt Dragons*
    *The Collectors*
    *Let the Wookiee Roar (A Tribute to Peter Mayhew)*
    *Exploring The Hero Of Tatooine*
    *Flower Power*
    *Exploring The Role: Events & Social Media Team*
    *Pioneering The Galaxy*
    *Z'ozpheratu's Unearthly Gifts*
    *Using Resource Harvesters*
    *Remembering Peaches'Ncream*
    *Jedi Collections*
    *Obtaining a Vulptex*
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