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    Have you achieved everything you’ve wanted to on the ground? Then It’s time to prepare your spaceship and launch into space. In this week's in our Friday feature we will be exploring how you can join the action in space and start progressing your way to Master Pilot!

    Getting Started:

    So you’ve completed the player tutorial and have landed at one of the most iconic Star Wars locations. Mos Eisley! The Pilot profession is composed of three different factions, each of which has three available squadrons to join. To join a faction, simply pick one of the trainers listed below for that faction. You must be the same GCW faction to join the Rebels or Imperials, but your GCW faction does not matter for the Freelance trainers. Here are the recruiters and initial trainers for each squadron:

    Rebel: Recruiter Location: Jpai Brek (-5072, -2343) Tyrena, Corellia
    Arkons Havok Squad: Captain Kreezo, Tyrena, Corellia (-5177, -2281)
    Vortex Squadron: V3-FX {droid} (right across the bridge) Moenia, Naboo
    Crimson Phoenix Squadron: Commander Dala Socuna (back room of the cantina) Mos Espa, Tatooine

    Imperial: Recruiter Location: Commander Landau (-5516,4403) Theed, Naboo
    Imperial Inquisition: Lt. Barn Sinkko, Kadaara, Naboo (5204, 6728)
    Storm Squadron: Lt. Akal Colzet, Bestine, Tatooine (-1110, -3514)
    Black Epsilon: Hakasha Sireen, Imp Outpost, Talus (-2183, 2259)

    Freelancer: Recruiter Location: Gil Burtin (-1174, -3647) Bestine, Tatooine
    Smugglers Alliance: Dravis, Mos Eisley, Tatooine, Back room of cantina (3429,-4788)
    Note: This squad is lightly Rebel-aligned. Your final mission will be against the Star Ravager (Imperial Corvette). Also, you cannot attack Hutt ships and, during Tier 2, cannot attack Valarian ships.
    RSF Squadron: Captain Dinge, Theed Naboo (-5497,4575)
    Note: This squad is heavily Imperial-aligned. RSF Pilots can only hurt Imperial ships if they are a Rebel on the ground and go overt at a Rebel Space Station (this will leave you open to PVP attack!) and your final mission will be against the Corellian Corvette (Rebel Corvette). You cannot attack RSF ships.
    Corsec Squadron: Sergeant Rhea, Coronet Corellia (-275,-4730)
    Note: This squad is true neutral. On your final mission, you may choose to destroy either a Rebel or Imperial Corvette. You cannot attack CorSec ships

    Engage: You can engage with other pilots by attending weekly space PvP events hosted by our loyal pilot community. These events happen every Saturday in different iconic space locations this puts you are the center of the fight within the Galactic Civil War. Who will you fight for, the Rebels or the Galactic Empire? Each week take part in a NEW unique type of space PvP Event. If you are slightly nervous of engaging in PvP Space combat in your own ship you will be able to board a multi passenger ship such as the iconic YT-1300 (Millenium Falcon style transport) and help the crew by taking to the turrets!
    This weeks event:

    Meeting Fellow Pilots: You can meet and converse with other pilots in a number of ways. You can post and discuss subjects within our forum.
    Or you can talk to a community of Pilots by joining our community Discord with this link:

    If you need ANY questions answered or support for your ship loadout you can join a group of established Pilots in-game this Sunday (7th May) at Rori, Narmle Hotel at 11AM PST, 2pm EST, 7PM GMT (Waypoint -5285 -2270 ) They will also able be able to walk you through the Nym’s Starmap quest which rewards a ship component each time you complete the quest.

    Check out some images below of community members ships:




    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!
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