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    Mystery on Gamma Station

    It's always uncomfortable when you wake up in a strange place. When you wake up in a strange place with siren's blaring and you don't know how you got there, it's just scary. The last thing I remember was leaving my home on Ryloth to make a Ryll delivery. It was nothing more than a short trip to Tatooine to meet up with an honest pilot who could run some supplies to Corellia and then I float home with some well-earned credits. Easy money.

    The next thing I know, the sirens are blaring and some protocol droid is blabbering on my comlink and I'm in a strange med-bay. The golden protocol droid kept helping me escape - - or at least he wanted me to think I was escaping. He helped me find a blaster and a way out of the medical bay. I blew the door controls with my blaster and to my surprise, there was a huge Wookiee, a droid and a smuggler. Without so much as a "hello my name is", he started going on about the war and the Empire and everything happened so fast. Without missing a beat, we were running down a hallway, shooting Imperial troops and "escaping" with someone who must've been a smuggler trying to steal something from the Empire. All I wanted was to make a few credits, not get stuck with some wild-eyed smuggler with delusions of grandeur about overthrowing the Empire!

    I was happy when we finally landed at Tansarii Point Station. I didn't know the name of the place when we first landed. I didn't know I was on the other side of the galactic core either, but it was easy enough to find out talking to the locals. I'm still not clear on when I lost consciousness sitting in a Tatooine cantina, but I can't say that wasn't the first time that's happened either.







    On Tansarri Point Station, be sure to
    check with Inaldra!

    Thankfully, everyone on the station was pretty helpful. I figured it would be easy to make some credits. This guy Solo let me know that the person on the station who knew what was going on was Inaldra. If I wanted any kind of work, I should start with her. I wandered around a bit. There was a hustle and bustle in the halls (I almost went into the cantina, but I'm still not sure if that's how I got into this mess in the first place so I decided to skip it). I found her office easy enough alright; now to get some work and get off this station.

    One job stuck out among the rest. An explorer named Frelka came back from a nearby space station with some tall tales and something about a missing protocol droid. Easy enough.

    I found Frelka in the cantina. He was a pretty irritable Rodian. It seemed like he didn't even want to talk to me until I told him I could get to his droid on Gamma Station, "Yeah, don't go to Gamma Station kid. Nothing good comes out of there...let me tell you!" The cranky explorer's warnings just made me more curious. I insisted on taking the job. I made sure he had the credits to pay me and then he laughed through his long Rodian snout.

    Talk to Serissu to get a ship!


    Gamma Station!

    When you get close to the station, a flight captain will contact you
    for landing clearance!

    What mysteries does Gamma Station hold?

    My trip to Gamma Station was short, but there were a lot of freighters in the area. There's a trick that my father taught me when he first took me out flying. He said, "Son, if you listen to the space chatter, you can almost always find a way out of a tough spot. You just have to listen." All these years later, here I was floating off to an asteroid space station listening to the pilots chatter while they waited for landing clearances.

    I found out how I probably got into this mess. Of course, all of this was rumor, but the same discussions kept coming up on the com over and over. It seems that Bounty Hunters and mercenaries were kidnapping unsuspecting people and turning them over to the Empire. Some of them ended up here. Those that did never came back. The pilots imagined all sorts of horrors that might be on the station....

    I finally got my own landing clearance and headed into the station. It wasn't hard to find Frelka's droid. E-5KL was standing in the main entrance to the station. Not hard to find at all. E-5KL was a protocol droid and they always like to talk. He told me about the Car'das allies and how they protected the top layers of the station.

    Then it started getting creepy. He started telling me about the Rak'qua and their "creations". Now I knew what the pilots had been talking about. Even still, I was feeling pretty bold and decided to head down into the bowels of Gamma Station.

    At first, I came across a couple of rouge droids and one Nautolan. Easy...or so I thought. Just inside the first door, I was attacked by a gang of Nautolans - - these must have been the Rak'qua that the droid was talking about!

    I couldn't hold them off. I headed back up the cave to where the Car'das patrol where it was safe. Luckily I hadn't gone too deep and ended in more trouble than I bargained for. This became a grudge now and I wanted to find out what was at the bottom of the hauntings on Gamma Station. It wasn't long before some other travelers ended up on the station and I was able to get a small raiding party together. A young Officer and a Bounty Hunter showed up on the station. We each had our reasons, but we were determined to find out what was going on here!

    We made our way down into the control room where were attacked by the Rak'qua again. We had strength in numbers this time! Here we were, three strangers on a space station in Ord Mantell space. How exciting! Now all we had to do was find out how deep this place went.

    We worked our way twisting through hallways fighting off droids and discovering labs and holding cells. There were many mysteries in Gamma Station and it seemed we had stumbled across only one of them. We battled Rak'qua tribal members and droids all the way through the station. If we hadn't been together, I was sure we wouldn't have made it back. I don't even think we made it all the way down. The Officer had mentioned that there was a great beast in the belly of the station. We couldn't find it.

    Can you?




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