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SWG:Legends Discord

Discord Installation and Permissions

Discord is a great addition to add for instant chat towards trade, group finders and much more! Please be aware there is a "No trolling policy" in effect. Discord is to be used as a hub for organising ingame activities and chatting with fellow players even then not online in the game.

Discord installation and usage

  • You can download discord here: https://discordapp.com/
  • You need to be invited to our Discord: https://discord.gg/ACjjBTp

SWG:Legends In-Game Settings

Which settings are used in SWG:Legends for xp?

As we understand that spare time is one of the luxuries we all don't have enough, the staff on SWG:Legends decided that the leveling in this version of Star Wars Galaxies should be quicker than in the original game. Because of this the following multipliers are in use:

  • Experience Points: x2.5
  • GCW Points: x2.0
  • GCW Token: x2.0

Furthermore we are granting the players ONE Holocron of Knowledge per account - a special token which raises one character instantly to level 90

Which version of SWG is used in SWG:Legends? Which features are implemented?

SWG:Legends has started with Game Update 16.4

During the last months, many additional features have been implemented by development. Currently the following later Game Updates have been realised:

  • All Expertise Update
  • All mutations and extractable DNA
  • Witches of Dathomir Themepark

Which regular events from the regular game are implemented and used?

As in the original game, we are activating the following regular events:

  • Ewok Festival of Love
  • Empire Day / Remembrace Day
  • Galactic Moon Festival
  • Wookiee Life Day

SWG:Legends In-Game Rewards

Are the veteran rewards and the expansion rewards available?

We have decided to activate most of the rewards in the game. The following rewards are currently active:

  • All Veteran Rewards up to 78 months
  • BARC & Flash Speeder
  • Instant Travel Vehicle (TIE Fighter / X-Wing)
  • Lava Flea Mount
  • Mustafarian Underground Bunker
  • Sorosuub Luxury Yacht
  • Transport Skiff
  • Varactyl Mount
  • Special Edition Goggles
  • AT-RT Vehicle
  • Royal Ship ITV
  • Portrait of the Emperor
  • A Rebel Painting
  • A Festive Gathering
  • Deluxe Sarlacc Trash Can
  • Buddy Token

SWG:Legends Game Changes

Which changes have been made to the original game?

The development team of SWG:Legends has implemented some old but forgotten features, some new content and some changes asked for by the community:

  • Secrets of the Syren Themepark
  • Cries of Alderaan questline re-activated
  • New "Ace of Aces" collection for pilots
  • New mutations for beastmasters
  • Resource stack limit increased
  • Faction swap timeout lowered to 2 days
  • PvP kills in Restuss do award commendations
  • Three new paintings for SWG:Legends Year One
  • Princess Leia and R2-D2 Memorial (in reference to Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker)
  • New cold heavy weapon CR-2
  • Mass adjustment for some of the neutral space ships
  • Collision damage in space (on asteroids, space stations and capital ships)
  • Factory-craftable pet food
  • New World Boss enemies and a corresponding collection to them

SWG:Legends TCG Items

Are the TCG items available in the game?

Some of the items granted by the TCG game have already been added. Currently the following items from the TCG (and some other old items) can be obtained:

  • Corellian G9 Rigger Freighter ITV (Secrets of the Syren Themepark)
  • Nuna Housepet (Secrets of the Syren Themepark)
  • A1 Deluxe Floater (Secrets of the Syren Themepark)
  • Starship Hangar (Ace of Aces Collection, Duty Mission Tokens)
  • V-Wing Starship (Nova Orion Questline)
  • Arc-170 Flightsuit (Duty Mission Tokens)
  • Hutt Fighter Familiar (Duty Mission Tokens)
  • Tie Fighter Familiar (Duty Mission Tokens)
  • X Wing Familiar (Duty Mission Tokens)
  • Biological Focus Crystal (Heroic Tokens)
  • Synapse Focus Crystal (Restuss Commendations)
  • Tsmeu-6 Wheelbike (NK-Necrosis Loot)
  • HK-47 Poster (Droid Factory I Instance)
  • Battle Droid Statuette (Droid Factory II Instance)
  • HK-47 Mustafar Diorama (Droid Army Instance)
  • HK-47 Statuette (HK-47 Instance)
  • Wampa Skin Rug (via schematic from Unkajo)
  • Gorax Ear (as loot from the Gorax Matriarch)

The following items have been given out during events:

  • House Cleaning Kit (Community Reward)
  • Kash. Beast Muzzle (Malakili Event)
  • Guise of Ice (Life Day Event)
  • Fish Tank (Community Reward)
  • Target Dummy (Community Reward)
  • Painting: Jedi Crest (Community Reward)
  • M'a Jong's Galactic Tiles Arcade Game (Trivia Events)
  • Han's Hydrospanner (May 4th Event)

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