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How to make credits

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Kill things,
Sell thing,
Craft things,
Enslave things.

This has been a tyrone tutorial.

thank you
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  1. Aadi's Avatar
    Quality tutorial!
  2. Tyrone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aadi
    Quality tutorial!
    thank you thank you.
  3. Kodoh's Avatar
    I have learned much this day Thank you Tyrone.
  4. SonarMB's Avatar
    The man should be elevated to God status!
  5. wagnar's Avatar
    Very Informative Post, only LOOT Things is missing ;)
  6. tessabella's Avatar
    Just the guide I was looking for...after reading this the credits started pouring in!
  7. Skooter's Avatar
    Begging for creds outside of the Mos Eisley starport because you're a new player and you need help doesn't work any more?
  8. Murrdohk's Avatar
    I personally liked the 'enslave things'...nice touch
  9. Blakstar's Avatar
    There are always new players coming up behind you that need cheap weapons to start the grind.

    I think space missions help to make a lot of money faster. They can also help take the edge off the grind when you need a break from the planetside stuff.

    So... you need to add: 'Shoot things down an' loot'em!'
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