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There is a Staff Meeting tonight, What do you want to have answered?

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So you are having a meeting tonight, and I would like to let you know some concerns that some of us have or questions even and maybe start a thread that everyone can voice their thoughts and what they would like answered when this meeting is over.

Some of my concerns are:

1. Are you handing legends over to another project? Are you merging with another project, is someone from another project coming here?

2. As for the dev's on this project, besides, Daslo having experience from a emu server, Reign from pswg and Doolga from around here, what are the rest of the Dev's qualifications?

3. Are you going to be a transparent project? Or is it more this is whats going on, play if you want to?

4. Just how much is Jerry sticking around to help for? Just to get the server online, or is he going to be around to help with the city problems? I mean he said he is leaving so ok, just where does that put legends and the city problem?

5. Are any forums rules being changed? are we still running on all the same rules?

6. It seems the former staff are all pretty much gone again, are you going to be asking them to keep helping also, is the door open for any of them to come back again?

7. Who owns what?

8. Where is the money? Who is over that?

9. Should we expect a rollback, or even a wipe? are we starting over?

10. Could you give us a list of current staff and the role they play on it?

Would like to have this taken seriously so please ask legit questions, things you want to have answered so we all can know where we stand and what we can expect.
1. Legends is remaining as it's own standalone project. we are not merging, quitting, etc.
2. We will have more information regarding this after our meeting :) (see future announcement). We have other developers who are qualified.
3. Not sure how to get at this. Our level of transparency will not be changing necessarily.
4. Not sure at the moment. Hopefully we can bring more information to this later.
5. The forum rules might see some tweaking, but the plans are not concrete.
6. We will be turning our focus to hiring new & mature staff members, so no.
7. We have the server, if that's what you're asking :)
8. Dark owns the paypal.
9. A rollback will be used as a last resort method. It currently isn't on the table, it will be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
10. We will update the Site Leaders page tonight :)
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  1. Noyjitat's Avatar
    City related question and scenario
    Do you have a fix for what caused cities to vanish so it doesn't happen again in your current dev build?
    If yes, how are player structures stored on the server file wise? Is it similar to a spread sheet that a server admin can edit or even copy from one server to another? Perhaps you can you make a complete copy of the current server and do a rollback on the copy just before cities went poof on and then extract the planetary player structure and city data from that and copy over to the actual omega server without having to do a rollback? I guess you'd probably want a second backup of omega incase that really broke everything or more stuff.
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