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Day 2 of my new life.

It was supposed to be an ordinary patrol. However, this was not so. I learned rather quickly basic controls, although I accidentally ejected. Dravis did not like that.
As we were going along, we ran into a fighter squadron. This was not rebel nor imperial, but rather, pirate! When they started to shoot, Dravis took control. But then, that crazy man thought it be best if I learn a thing or two about combat. And to my suprise, I was a born natural. My trandoshan brain must have some sort of advantage over these other races. My thinking and reaction time seemed to be at least double theirs.

The clunker took some damage, but we looted the ships we fought and were able to scrape up just enough credits off of the junk metal to complete repairs. Dravis likes my ability. We're next going out to further investigate these pirates. Something about Black Moons or Black Suns.

Mother, this is so much adventure! I hope my skills will sharpen enough so I can get to work. I promise to send credits home as soon as possible.
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