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A Clone's Tale (Six Four One Three)

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This is a new log entry of Imperial Commando Eye-Es-Tee SixFourOneThree.

My Lieutenant wants to know more about the clone program, apparently he is a natural born human who has the will to fight. Who am I to disobey an order of a superior... Anyway, here it goes.

White... stark white permeates my early memories. Those gangly Kaminoans and their cold, calculated yet graceful movements as they poke and prod my brothers and I. The indoctrination about our grand purpose, defending The Republic from those who seek to chaos and disorder. Watching the older brethren train in combat against the battle droid armies. Years must pass before it is up to my brothers and I to defend the Republic, there is a voice that tells me I must push myself harder... to lead my fellow brothers.

The teacher of my pod was a Mandalorian, Sergeant Tsvoro. He was a hard man, missing an arm had not diminished his skill or combat effectiveness. There were some Sergeants who got emotionally attached and would teach some of the other pods Mandalorian war chants... language and history as if it was our heritage. Those brothers were... weird in my opinion. Sergeant Tsvoro was not an emotional man, he was cold, and even killed a few of my brothers during live fire exercises. I begin to realize that we are not citizens, we are not members of any creed. We are weapons of war, anything else is a distraction. Later Sergeant Tsvoro confirms my thoughts by plainly saying that we are not people, we have no rights other than to fight and die for the Republic to protect those too weak to defend themselves. Our wills harden..... {Explosion can be heard in the distance}... Well it appears the Rebels are attempting to take the Weapons Facility, End log.


  1. Cidon's Avatar
    As I find downtime I will continue to post entries. Hope you all enjoy.
  2. VassiliOFP85's Avatar
    I sure did!!
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