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A long time ago in shop in Mos Espa. A Toydarian floats and listens to the sound of the wind outside. I wounder what dumb outlanders will come to my shop. I can't wait to send them on a special mission. he thinks to him self gleefully. Then he has a shocking thought. What if he comes back asking me all these dumb questions from people. What if that stupid Spy comes back? What was his name? No.... He looked different when he came in here a few days ago. No red suit or invisible sword. Just a silly hair cut and a rusty blaster. I know what he's gong to do! He'll ask Wort to come here. I can smell that Rodian from here! Oh wait that's his brother Wald I swell. What was that line I use to tell them. Oh yes! If looking for money I have none. I gave it all to Jabba, he said need it to buy a sail barge. What else bugs me.... Jawas! Those little thieves always taking stuff! They all look the same. How are going tell the Mos Espa police who toke my stuff? When they all look and sound the same? You can't even but a bounty on there heads. No! I must not think of such things. Think of the noobs coming here in the hopes that it'll be one quest. And then they'll be off to Naboo. Fools this a forever quest. You'll be mine forever! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes! I feel better now.
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