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Journal of Okeg Farstar - Day 1

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Landed on Tatooine, Mos Eisley as everyone else from Transarii. The city is familiar, a sort of dejavuu for Okeg. First thing to do was going to see an old friend, Gendra, just outside the theatre. As promised Gendra gave Okeg a decent speeder. Nothing fancy, but more than enough for the first exploration of the "planet with two suns". Before heading in the wild Okeg went to the cantina, to see if an old friend, Tiestee, was there. He found her and after a nice chat he was directed to Cardozo, a friend of Tiestee that needed an engineer. Okeg went to the waypoint Tiestee inserted in his GPS and meet Cardozo. The two crafters made some schematics to be able to start some factory runs. The goal is to found a town on Lok. After making the schematic Okeg explored a bit the surroundings of Cardozo's house and then when the two suns disappeared under the line of the horizon, leaving him with this tought: "It's good to be at home again", he went back to Cardozo's house to sleep.
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  1. Ilraious's Avatar
    Interesting to use a blog as a RP journal. However I think it should be in 1st person.
  2. VassiliOFP85's Avatar
    "It's good to be at home again" exactly my thought. Good rp post
  3. Tiestee's Avatar
    Tiestee. I know her! ;)

    Good to see you and thank you for your help :)
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