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Jedi Starfighter Quest

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For all you lovers of the Jedi Starfighter, I have it on good authority that it now works and since the Rebellion Data Item is in fact in my inventory I'm pretty sure it does :p

A huge shout out to PARZ1VAL because without him none of this would be possible

So when you are out in space, you lovers of all things space, make sure to thank Parzival for this!!!

Inspect Item: rebellion data item (looted from Pile of Bones at -3973 -67 [Dathomir]) -- Reward: Jedi star fighter (Eta-2 Actis interceptor, 3.4k imperial faction)
Imperial Combatant Only
Part 1: Turn data disk in to Admiral Krieg, Kachirho star port /way -670 -114
Part 2: Escort the AT-ST back to base. defend against the rebel attack (3 rebel scout NPCs level 25)
Part 3: Defend against the rebel attack. Kill the rebel commandos, rebel troopers, and Wookiee freedom fighters (level 25)
Part 4: Meet with the scout troopers in the Dead Forest (kkowir Forest )
Defeat the rebels: kill a rebel officer, a rebel trooper, and a rebel medic. levels 14-25
Part 5: Speak with Darth Vader (/way -676 -228). He wants you to eliminate the rebel invasion fleet. Meet the imperial attack fleet,
Destroy the rebel attack force (tier 3 and 4, X-Wings), then rendezvous with the bomber fleet, and destroy the rebel troop transports and gunboats (Destroy the gunboats first)

And an fyi After Vader gives you the ship, tech you don't have to finish the quest.
Also you can fly it as any faction

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  1. Jedisoldier's Avatar
    the glitch to get in the forrest, is logging out in front of the door as close to it as possible I keep the num lock on and log out and back in
  2. Jedisoldier's Avatar
    Ok you do not need to glitch yourself into the forrest, Dim placed a door to the Kkowir Forrest inside the starport of Kash. THANKS DIM!!!!
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