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Asking the SWG:L staff

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I see a lot of people wanting answers as to "why". Why isn't that hard actually, why, because the community has been so demanding and in a hurry. No one is patient anymore and with all the bugs in the leak source code, everyone seems to be crying about how x doesn't work. That is 'why' we have the situation we have. The pressure that has been put on staff to "hurry up and give us something, anything" It make people do stupid things.

The fact that staff is in their mid 20's (averaged) is not that great either. Because while "kids these day" tend to be smarter, with all the schooling, computer classes, etc and so on. They still don't have life learned lessons. That is what they are getting now. Street smarts , so to speak. Experience under their belts. They are in fact growing up. And learning that patience really is a virtue just like we were told by our parents and grandparents, and if you never heard it before, then by me lol :p

I'm sure Ristana felt the pressure and hearing Aconites little whispers of how he could make it right probably started sounding good, in all the stress he had laid on his shoulders. Lessons learned. I cant imagine the pressure they all must feel. And good on them that have stuck it out and continued to strive to give this community what it wants. Tells me that Saint, Gray and Dark, are pretty good guys. Can take the pressure, and keep on going.

I would suggest that, yes post about the bugs, but before posting "omg I just want a game to play" think about what you are asking for and how they might have to give it to you. From now on I will label you "screamers 'of give me a game now' " as #aconites lol


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    Very nice blog. Thank you. :)
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    I like.
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    Thank you
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    pfft. I do just want to play. I also understand it was buggy... was actually enjoying the months of TC2. What I didn't do was spam "this same npc is broken" 100 times a week, 'cause that's pointless.
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    Over the course of my life I've worked in different types of managerial roles and I can't name a single solitary one where the entire staff every got along at all times or even all liked each other. It's just human nature not to get along with everyone around you on a daily basis. That being said, nobody should have absolute control over every aspect of anything and then take their toys and go home because somebody happens to disagree with them.
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    Hardly fair tbh, after Reborn and Legends, do you think anyone cares if the server crashes every couple of hours or if you click a certain profession the game wipes your PC's hard drives clean? Nah.
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    Nice one.
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    excellent post! fact is, people get impatient and when they are denied their "drug" of choice... watch out.
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