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  1. I just wanted to share with you my story on how Star Wars impacted my life and to thank you for a game that I love so much. I might have missed the contest but I wanted to see this last movie before I said anything. Itís always good to have a completion of a long standing story. I saw the first movie at the ripe age of 5 years old at a drive in. Even though I was so young I still remember it like it was yesterday. Ever since I have seen every movie on the day it came out at the theater. Iíve never had the thrill of going to a Star Wars celebration but I do watch them on YouTube. When the movie came out I was easily able to connect with Luke Skywalker as my father died when I was 3 years old. So like him I never knew my father other than through rumors. I understood how Luke felt wanting more out of life as I myself grew up on a lower income base and wanted more and to see the world. As the movies progressed I found other characters that I could relate to like the outcast Han Solo, and when Luke found out he had a sister I envied him as myself had a sister once who died of crib death. When he found out who his father was I immediately related to him as I found out about my father myself and the truth about him. My father had served in the Korean War and was a prisoner of war for awhile. When he came home he was different as he had PTSD. Back then they didnít know what that was much less a diagnosis for it. So he went untreated. He would have flash backs and do mean things to me and my mother. When the prequels came out and gave us a look at Darth Vader before his fall to the dark side I started to find out more about my father. Before he went to war he too was a compassionate man with dreams and it gave me a better look at my father. I also enjoyed the story of the Jedi as it gave more light to their religion and purpose. So I started reading the books and grew to understand who they were, as well as the sith religion and their understanding of things. I still leaned towards the Jedi but have an understanding into the sith and have compassion for both. As the newer movies came out naturally I am much older now. But still a kid at heart when it comes to Star Wars so followed them as well. Rey took my heart as she too was an outcast, not to mention the other characters such as Finn, Poe, Rose, and so on. Even through the bashing of TLJ I still stayed loyal and can say I enjoyed all of them. I was easily able to connect to All the characters and their struggles. The mother and father who lost their son, Ben, to Snoke as my sone was taken from his mother by DCS by a woman who sold children on the black market. Itís tough when you have a child kidnapped but when that person is able to use the law to do it makes it that much harder. This last movie has showed me how the good in people still exist even through the thought of lifeís journey. Star Wars Galaxies has always been a separate life for me to escape into. For that I thank you and the original developers for making a journey that we can all take and enjoy.
    Thank you for your time and May The Force Be With You
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