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  1. How to make credits

    Kill things,
    Sell thing,
    Craft things,
    Enslave things.

    This has been a tyrone tutorial.

    thank you
    Developers Digest
  2. Xrkun

    At the moment we are starting with small beginnings its been a slow start and we are really trying to expand. We have at the moment 4 people including my self rebuilding our City on Lok. We do expect 2 more people from our hay day to pop up when RL allows. SWG:Legands has given us hope to return to a game sorely missed.

    Euro-Chimera was a great server and hope to see some familiar players and guilds, while there is more stability on the server I am sure more will pop up. ( If you ...
  3. There is a Staff Meeting tonight, What do you want to have answered?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunwaver View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jedisoldier View Post
    So you are having a meeting tonight, and I would like to let you know some concerns that some of us have or questions even and maybe start a thread that everyone can voice their thoughts and what they would like answered when this meeting is over.

    Some of my concerns are:

    1. Are you handing legends over to another project? Are you merging with another project, is someone from another project coming here?

    2. As for the dev's on this project, besides,
  4. WTB/WTT Sith Holo 4/5 wais pack

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    i can offer a premium krayt pearl and money or other things. /pm me
  5. Adventure

    Day 2 of my new life.

    It was supposed to be an ordinary patrol. However, this was not so. I learned rather quickly basic controls, although I accidentally ejected. Dravis did not like that.
    As we were going along, we ran into a fighter squadron. This was not rebel nor imperial, but rather, pirate! When they started to shoot, Dravis took control. But then, that crazy man thought it be best if I learn a thing or two about combat. And to my suprise, I was a born natural. My trandoshan ...
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