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    Ok you do not need to glitch yourself into the forrest, Dim placed a door to the Kkowir Forrest inside the starport of Kash. THANKS DIM!!!!
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    the glitch to get in the forrest, is logging out in front of the door as close to it as possible I keep the num lock on and log out and back in
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    excellent post! fact is, people get impatient and when they are denied their "drug" of choice... watch out.
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    Nice one.
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    Hardly fair tbh, after Reborn and Legends, do you think anyone cares if the server crashes every couple of hours or if you click a certain profession the game wipes your PC's hard drives clean? Nah.
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    Over the course of my life I've worked in different types of managerial roles and I can't name a single solitary one where the entire staff every got along at all times or even all liked each other. It's just human nature not to get along with everyone around you on a daily basis. That being said, nobody should have absolute control over every aspect of anything and then take their toys and go home because somebody happens to disagree with them.
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    pfft. I do just want to play. I also understand it was buggy... was actually enjoying the months of TC2. What I didn't do was spam "this same npc is broken" 100 times a week, 'cause that's pointless.
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    Thank you
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    I like.
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    Very nice blog. Thank you. :)
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    hmm had a guildie help me with this, but ya that is a file that I did get, you have to look in the legends_patch file that should be in your pswg file if you put it there, also might want to try and redownload on to your desk top so you can see it, then simply drag and drop it to the pswg folder
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    see i do not have a user.CGF file with the legend download??!?!
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    also fyi the first link for the download, doesn't work anymore, as it says to many people have clicked on it . Have had a lot of people message me here and on facebook with the same problem. I will give it ago again when the launcher is up and running
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    ya I did that, but apparently it didn't download some of the files because of Norton, so after many hair pullings lol I deleted the user.cfg file from reborn and dragged the legends one in to the reborn file, Worked. so at least now I have hair and can play
  17. Obliterator's Avatar
    You're supposed to download the legend patch into your Project SWG folder and replace everything.
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