Character Naming Guidelines

Character names in Star Wars Galaxies™: An Empire Divided™ should reflect the genre of the game. The naming policy encompasses first and last names.

The following types of names are prohibited:

  1. Names that encompass derogatory, vile, profane, rude, obscene, offensive, profane, anatomical or threatening words and references.

  2. Names that are negatively, or can be interpreted as such, directed at any religion, race, nationality, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.

  3. Various combinations of words that produce an offensive result when said together or apart.

  4. Names that make references to drug substances, or drug related paraphernalia, as well as medical or recreational narcotics.

  5. Names chosen with the intent of harming the reputation of, or used to impersonate a member or representative, of SWG Legends Staff, or any of their partners or affiliates.

  6. Names that are of, or make a reference to, sex offenders, predators, killers, or any convicted or suspected criminals.

  7. Names where a combination of the first and last name would violate a previous rule as well as words that have the same spelling but different meanings and origins.

  8. Alternative spellings of a word or words that are outlined in a previous rule.

Characters in violation of this naming guideline may be changed at any time by a CSR or the CSR Lead.